In all of Glorantha there are several cities that have left their mark over the ages but arguably none so much as Pavis. The City of Walls, Robcradle, the birthplace of Failed Unity; these are all names by which the city has gone. It is an important landmark for travellers and a good source of supplies for anyone heading into Prax and the wastelands.

A city founded by barbarian horse-folk, conquered by giants and rebuilt by the mysterious dragon-mystic Lord Pavis and his dwarf allies. For members of the Empire of Wyrm’s Friends it is an autonomous colony ruled by a powerful ally, a bustling metropolis where many cultures have brought their wares and try to live out their lives in the shadow of greatness.

Pavis has forever been a point of cross-culture contention due to its location on one of Glorantha’s lifeblood magical rivers, the Zola Fel, what is named later the River of Cradles. From the point where the first settlement failed to be defended by the simple Praxians when the Pure Horse People came, to the coming of the God Learners and eventually the draconic expansion of the Empire of Wyrm’s Friends; the land surrounding Pavis has seen the births and deaths of countless Gloranthans.

Crucible of Pavis

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